HeaderTableGirl2Cooking It Up! is a nutritious cooking video show by college and high school youth that integrates food justice, healthy eating & positive body image. It links wellness to holistic, long-term changes in attitudes about food. The purpose is to teach youth video production and culinary skills that align with their income, culture, daily schedules and neighborhood resources to showcase healthy and exciting relationships to eating and cooking.

KD Mguel 2LOGOThis project is produced by Video in the Community, whose mission is to empower students, members of the university and the community to take action through the production, study, and use of socially responsible, culturally sensitive media that address the diversity of the region and the nation. Kristine Diekman, VIC’s Director, is an award winning producer and director, with over 25 years of video production experience.

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Cooking It Up! is supported by a grant from State Farm Youth Advisory Board. Thirty students, ages 17-20, from across the United States and Canada comprise the State Farm Youth Advisory Board. They are charged with helping State Farm design and implement a $5 million-a-year signature service-learning initiative to address issues important to State Farm and communities across the United States and Canada.


Cooking It Up! Vision:
• To present information with good humor and find ways to entertain while we educate.
• To use recipes which incorporate the cultural diversity of our community.
• To acknowledge and respect the limited economic resources and food access challenges of our community.
• To make dishes that are delicious and healthy.

StudentBanner01Cooking It Up! Goals for high school interns:
• Video and Graphics: To learn the basics of video production and graphic design.
• Cooking: To learn different ways to prepare and cook food.
• Nutrition: To learn about healthy eating practices.
• Culture: To experiment with cultural recipes and share them with each other.
• Teamwork: High school and college interns work together under the supervision of professionals to find creative approaches to the project.



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